The Curse of Hobbes House [2020]

After the death of her Aunt, Jane Dormant travels to the family’s remote, ancestral home hoping to receive a large inheritance. When Jane’s estranged, half-sister Jennifer arrives at Hobbes House to claim her part of the estate, the sisters’ simmering hate breaks out completely. But then a violent, unexpected storm cuts the estate off from outside help and a wave of bloodthirsty zombies lays siege. Now the sisters have to learn how to fight back together.


  • Duration (mins): 90
  • Colour Mode: Colour
  • Year: 2020
  • Genre: Horror


8.5/10 "Well-paced action and rounded characters elevate this enthralling zombie thriller." - Trevor Wells
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4/5 "Unique Undead Spin" - Darren Lucas
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"The idea of merging the old dark house with the zombie subgenre might not be new in the truest sense of the word, but it feels very fresh in this film, basically because it concentrates on telling a strong story with fleshed out characters and character conflicts first, and really fits the undead theme onto everything else rather nicely rather than just tag it on for added effect or make it so central to the narrative that the actual story gets lost in the process. And the direction goes along with that, staying focused on the characters and choosing suspense and atmosphere over cheap shocks, while the ensemble cast all give very solid performances to make this a pretty awesome piece of horror cinema." - Mike Haberfelner
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